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Korea: A Brief History


Understanding Korean Culture: Symbols, Language and Norms

 Required Readings: Carl, John D. Chapter 3 (Culture).

                                  Kendall, Diana. Culture.


Understanding Korean Culture: Shamanism

Required Readings: Moon, Sang-hi. Shamanism in Korea.

                                Moon, Sang-hi. Shamanism and the Mental Structure of Koreans.


Understanding Korean Culture: Confucianism

Required Readings: Koh, Byung-ik. Confucianism in Contemporary Korea.

                               Kim, Kwang-ok. 1996. The Reproduction of Confucian Culture in Contemporary Korea.


Korean Family                                                                  

Required Readings:

Carl, John D. Chapter 14 (Marriage and Family).

Kweon, Sug-In. The Extended family in contemporary Korea—Korea Journal 38(3).


Gender Inequality in Korea                                                          

Required Readings: Carl, John D. Chapter 11 (Gender Stratification).

                                Cho, Uhn. Gender Inequality and Patriarchal Order Reexamined.


Religion in Korea

Required Readings: Carl, John D, pp. 270-276.

                                Kim, Andrew. 2002. Characteristics of Religious Life in South Korea: A Sociological Survey.

                                Baker, Don. Modernization and Monotheism: How Urbanization and Westernization have transformed the religious landscape of Korea. 


The Christianization of Korea

Required Readings: Kim, Andrew. Protestantism in Korea and Japan from the 1880s to the 1940s:

                                                   A Comparative Study of Differential Cultural  Reception and Social Impact.

                                 Lee, Won-Gue. A Sociological Study on the Factors of Church  Growth and Decline in Korea.


Education in Korea: Achievements & Challenges

Required Readings: Kim, Young-hwa. 2000. Concurrent Development of Education Policy  and Industrialization Strategies in Korea (1945-95):

                                                                     A  Historical Perspective.


Urbanization in Korea

Required Readings: Kye-Choon Ahn. Population Changes and Urbanization..

                                Kwon, Tai-hwan. The trends and patterns of urbanward migration in Korea, 1960-1985.


Economic Development of Korea                                                                           

 Required Readings: Carl, John D. Chapter 16 (Economy and Politics).

                                 Eckert, Carter et al. Economic development in historical perspective,1945-1990.


Anti-Americanism in Korea: The Changing Attitude of Koreans Toward the U.S.

Required Readings: Gweon, Yong-Lib. The Changing Perception of America in South Korea.

                                 Lee, Sook-jong. Anti-Americanism in Korean Society: A Survey-based  Analysis


Required Readings: Carl, John D. Chapter 12 (Aging and Health).
                                 Eun, Gisoo. Population Aging and Social Strategies for Aging Problems in Korea.


Multiculturalism as a Social Fact in Korea                                                            

 Required Readings: Carl, John D. Chapter 10 (Race and Ethnic Stratification).

                                  Kim, Eungi. Global Migration and South Korea.



















































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