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Lecture Notes

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Chapter 24. The origin of life
Chapter 25. Prokaryotes and viruses

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Chapter 26. Protistis
Chapter 27. Plants

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Chapter 31. The plant body
Chapter 32. Transport in Plants

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Chapter 33. Plant nutrition
Chapter 34. Reproduction and development in flowering plants

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Chapter 35. Control of plant growth and development


Chapter 28. Fungi
Chapter 29. Animal phylogeny, acoelomates, and protostomes.

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Chapter 30. Deuterostomes: vertebrates and their closest relatives
Chapter 36. Introduction to animal organization and physiology

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Chapter 44. Gas exchange: The respiratory system
Chapter 45. Animal nutrition 

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Chapter 46. Regulating the internal environment


Chapter 37. Information flow and the neuron
Chapter 38. Nervous system

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Chapter 39. Sensory system
Chapter 40. The endocrine system

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Chapter 41. Muscles, bones, and body movements
Chapter 42. The circulatory system

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Chapter 43. Defenses against disease
Chapter 47. Animal reproduction

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Chapter 48. Animal development

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