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교과목 학습목표

l  Understanding economic impacts of aging issues

l  Analyzing these impacts using economic tools

l  Deriving appropriate policies for the aging issues and Discussing the effects of them


교과목 소개

This course is aimed to investigate the economic impact of population aging issues. During this semester, the aging issues would be deeply discussed in a solid way of using economic analytic tools and previous research works. Furthermore the relevant policy for keeping sustainable development facing aging issue would also be explored.



Lecture Notes provided by instructor


Other references


The Economics of Health and Health Care; Folland, Stano, Goodman; Prentice Hall


Course web page

EKU in Korea University Portal site

Important announcements and most course materials including my lecture notes will be posted in the course web, so, I strongly recommend students to visit the course web at least once a week. Students are responsible for getting lecture notes.



Intermediate Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics


Grading policy

Performance in this class will be evaluated on the basis of grades received on attendance, term paper, mid-term, and a cumulated final exam. Grades will be given by taking into consideration of the overall class performance and the economics department’s standards. Students must not ask the instructor to upgrade or downgrade their final grade except the case of grading error. Grades will be weighted as follows:


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