Lecture Notes



Lecture Note

 1 Introduction: what is mathematical economics


 2 Introduction: Economic Models  pdf    
 3 Equilibrium Analysis in economics  pdf   
 4 Linear Model and Matrix Algebra  pdf   
 5 Linear Model and Application of Matrix Algebra (I)  pdf   
 6 Linear Model and Application of Matrix Algebra (II)      
 7 Comparative Statics and the concepts of Derivatives  pdf   
 8 Midterm Exam  pdf   
 9 Rules of Differential and the Application of them in Comparative Statics  pdf   
10 Comparative-Static Analysis of General-Function Models  pdf   
11 Optimization: A Special Variety for Equilibrium Analysis  pdf   
12 Exponential and Logarithmic function  pdf 
13 The Optimization of the case of more than one choice variable  pdf    
14 Optimization with Equality Constraints (I)  pdf  
15 Optimization with Equality Constraints (II)      
16 Final Exam  pdf













































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