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Proffessor : Seungmo Kang (강승모)
Assistant Professor
School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
Korea University

• Major : Transportation Engineering and Logistics
• Office : 806 Innovation Hall (창의관)
• Phone : 02-3290-4862
• Email :
• Office Hour : 5-6pm Thu. or by appointment

Course Introduction

This course is to apply the optimization theories to planning, design, operation
and evaluation of complex transportation and logistics systems.
This includes various mathematical models of those systems and solution techniques
for transportation and logistics optimization problems such as supply-chain,
inventory management, facility location, transportation scheduling, and vehicle routing problems.

Course Objective 

1) Understanding of the practical methods for formulating and solving transportation and logistics problems
2) Learning the skills needed to plan, design and evaluate a complex logistics system
3) Practicing some of advanced mathematical optimization techniques based on recent research findings.


Textbooks and Leference

• Lecture Note – Available in PPT format

•  C. F. Daganzo , Logistics Systems Analysis, Springer, 2005, ISBN: 3-540-23914-6







Claaa Participation




Term Project


Midterm Exam


Final Exam


Class Policy

• Attendance
– First absence : -0 point
– From second absence : -2 points
– Five absences : D or F
– Late attendance : -0.5 point
– Contact the instructor for a special reason

• Answer to the instructor’s question CAN earn up to +.5~+2 point
• Cannot use a laptop in the classroom
• Question can be asked at any time
• Asking in English is recommended but Korean is also allowed
• Prepare a CALCULATOR

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