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Lecture Notes

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Lesson Topic Lecture Notes
1  Power Spectral Density (PSD) of Communication Signals [PDF]
2  Review of Digital Modulations [PDF]
3  Some Variants of QPSK [PDF]
4  Continuous Phase FSK (CPFSK) [PDF]
5  Continuous Phase FSK (CPFSK) [PDF]
6  Review: Wireless Channels and Performance over Fading Channels [PDF]
7  Review: Digital Communications over Flat Fading Channels [PDF]
8  Simulation of Flat Fading Channels  [PDF]
9  Diversity Techniques  [PDF]
10  Diversity Techniques: Transmit Diversity and MIMO-MRC  [PDF]
12  MMSE Detection for Spatial Multiplexing MIMO  [PDF]
13  MIMO System Capacity  [PDF]
14  Overview of OFDM Systems  [PDF]
15  QR Factorization  [PDF]
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