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Purpose of the class (교과목 학습목표)

The purpose of this class is to introduce traditional intrusion detection (type - NIDS, HIDS and hybrid IDS. method - misuse detection and anomaly detection) and advanced issues (lifecycle of vulnerability, concept of attack graph, recent anomaly detection technique).

Inroduction to the class (교과목 소개)

This course is for introducing recent advanced issues in the intrusion detection research area. The most of the current issues regarding intrusiond detection and prevention can be learned from textbook and a lot of recent technique such as machine learning, data mining and statistical method for intrusion detection can be learned from selected paper reading.

Prerequisite courses (추천 선수 과목)

machine learning, data mining, statistics

Class materials (수업자료)

Practical Intrusion Analysis : Prevention and Detection for the Tweny-First Century, Ryan Trost

Addison-Wesley Professional : 1st edition 

selected papers - reading assignment will be noticed for every class


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